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I can’t generate captions

We’re very sorry you haven’t been able to get results. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. If you’re still having problems, it may be that the servers are overloaded. We have been experiencing a lot of demand and there is a limit to the amount of users that can use our models concurrently. Wait a few minutes and try again soon!

I don’t like any of the captions outputted for my photo

This is new technology and we are constantly working on improving our models to make the best captions for our users. If you have any feedback or suggestions on what you’d like to see changed please email us at

The captions aren’t related to my picture

Sometimes our model is unable to identify key elements of your photo. Try increasing the exposure or submitting a photo in which all elements are clearly defined.

My caption results were offensive or hateful

We strictly moderate our generated content. Please let us know of any offensive output so we can continually improve our moderation in order to give you the best captions possible!

I have a Pro subscription and I can’t use the Pro model

Our Pro users have a limit of 200 captions per month. Once you have used those 200 captions, you will only be able to use the Basic model until the renewal of your subscription.